1. Will Stanton homer? No
2. Will a Marlin starter have 8 or more strikeouts? No
3. Will the Marlins out homer the Braves? No
4. Will any Braves hitter get on base at least 4 times in any single game? No
5. Will any Braves starter have 7 or more strike outs? YES
6. Lowest hit total by either team in any single game? 6
7. Highest pitch count for any pitcher in any game? 110
8. Combined extra base hits by the Braves for the series? 6
9. Lowest strikeout total for either team for any single game in the series? 4
10. Highest run to hits differential for either team in the series. Example 4 runs 13 hits is a 9 differential. 5
11. Highest combined total of runs in a single game. 11