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Thread: REAL FOOTBALL Thread

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    ALright, it's not preseason yet, but OTAs are happening, some big moves will happen. Which could change things around. But I'm gonna go with the predicting who makes the playoffs in the NFL.

    East Champion - Bills
    North CHampion -Bengals
    South Champion - Jags
    West Champion - Chiefs

    OK this is a bit of an improbable one. What are the odds that all the same teams that won the division last year won it again? Slim. But I think those 4 teams are the best teams in the AFC.

    AFC Wild Cards Baltimore , Miami , Tennessee

    My wild pick is Tennessee. THis will of course be fully dependent on if they don't sell Henry. Miami and Baltimore could bottom out. But if their QBs are healthy, they will be competing for their divisions. If they're semi healthy they should be wild card favorites.

    AFC is a bit like the NFC was a few years ago where the best teams were clear the playoffs were often littered with the Packers, Falcons, Saints, Seahawks, Niners and a rotation of NFC East teams. Wild Card teams who could compete, Seahawks, hard to write Payton off. But will he have them ready right away or will he need a year to ditch some dead weight. Colts, Titans, and Houston all bet on their future QBs. Which means they could experience quick turn arounds, CLeveland who knows maybe they are great as Deshaun has a year. Jets of course added Rodgers and weren't a terrible team. There's a lot of potential for the AFC to have some flexing, BUT I'm not betting on who will get hurt. Sure if ALlen or Mahomes gets hurt things change a lot. Miami has a lot riding on Tua being healthy, THey were a great team when he was, and then were meh to bad with Bridgewater and Thompson. And Miami got better in the offseason. Raiders could be competitive if Jimmy G is healthy. They have all the talent. BUt if Jimmy G only played 10 games the rest of the conference is just too good.

    EAst - Eagles
    North - Lions
    SOuth Falcons
    West Niners
    Wild Card
    Seahawks, Vikings, Cowboys.

    OK there's some debate here. Niners lost a lot. Only playoff team to have lost more WAR this offseason was the Bucs, Niners didn't have a lot of picks to improve. BUT if Purdy is healthy and repeats (I've heard all kinds of wild return estimates for Purdy) or Lance pans out. Most of the value they lost this offseason is gone.

    Eagles I find hard to pick against, they lost a healthy chunk of defensive talent, BUT they could replace what they lost with draft picks very easily. And they improved offensively. Dallas got better too, but I don't buy they got better enough.

    Lions were the best team to miss the playoffs, they had a weird draft, but got the guys they wanted in the draft. If Goff is still legit, they are easily the best team in that division.

    Falcons are in an interesting situation. Bucs are gonna be the worst team in the NFL. Which is a bit frustrating as they'll wind up with the number 1 pick and a franchise QB. Panthers are all in on Bryce adn if he's legit they'll be a great team. Saints played it safe, they should be expected to win more games this year than last year. And are probably the betting favorites to win the division. But I'm buying Falcons. I think Ridder will be an improvement over Mariota, and the Falcons just got plain better everywhere else.

    West is interesting, Rams will compete with Bucs for worst team unless Stafford is healthy and goes off. Niners got worse and have questions, but I still think they win the division. They have strong lines,will have a full year of McCaffery, etc. Seahawks I would like to be Bullish on. But I don't know if Geno can do it again. If he does they could win the division. Cause they had a strong draft.

    FOr wild card, Dallas will probably agian finish top 3 in record or so and be the wild card. Dallas is a talented team that chokes in the post season. I'm buying the Seahawks still but they could bottom out if Geno stinks. Vikings were overrated last year. They were a mess who lucked into the post season. BUT I have always liked Cousins and Jefferson is maybe the best WR in the game. I think they'll play better than last year but win less games.

    My thoughts on the rest. Commanders should be bad. Unless Howell is legit, which is improbable. Giants were the other super lucky team last year. THey got better in the offseason, but I don't buy Danny Dimes. Bears are the wild card team. If Fields improves and becomes as good as people wanted him to be, Bears could easily win the division. THey've got a good team overall. Packers couldn't amke the playoffs with Rodgers, not buying them doing it with Love. For them a good season is Love playing well and them not winning enough games and get a star in the next draft. Bucs as I said should be terrible, Saints, Falcons and Panthers will be determined by who improved the most. I think it's the Falcons. But any of them could be it. Rams as I said should be ass. Arizona is interesting. Kyler is going to miss a chunk of time. I think they'll be mediocre.
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