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Thread: Star Wars Discussion Thread (Spoilers Inside)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zitothebrave View Post
    1. Luke's distraction. He showed up basically right afterwards. That barrage took quite some time. As far as how long, who knows.

    2. It was corny as hell. But it was thematic to the point of the film, to embrace what was great about the OT, rather than just dump on the prequels.

    3. You think anyone in the first order would disobey Kylo Ren? When Hux attempted to Ren simply threw him away and the lower in command immediately complied. As far as why, remember that the order from Ren was no quarter. So they assumed they would be destroyed eventually anyway. You're assuming that Finn and Rose mean that much to the first order, which Kylo Ren is the leader. He cared about Luke and Luke only. He wanted to end the resistance, breaking off any point of this to focus on 2 people would have been counterproductive to his goal

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    Your religious dedication to the perfection of this movie is impressive

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    Quote Originally Posted by sturg33 View Post
    Your religious dedication to the perfection of this movie is impressive
    It's hardly a perfect film. But it's Star Wars, they're not supposed to be perfect. I can point to a billion continuity/logic flaws in previous films.
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