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Thread: Braves re-sign Navery Moore

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    Braves re-sign Navery Moore

    The Braves are giving Moore, their 14th-round pick from the 2011 draft another look. Since being released in 2014, he has become a born-again reliever in indy ball.

    In 2015, pitching for Joliet in the Frontier League, Moore took over as their closer, getting 17 saves. Last year, moving over to the Atlantic League, he appeared in a total of 60 games as a setup guy.

    Very odd indy stats: Moore went from zero wild pitches in 46 innings in 2015 to 10 in 53 innings last year.

    Very high walk and strikeout totals also: 29 walks, 62 K in 46 innings, 36 and 56 in 53.

    Moore had promise coming out of Vandy, with his best year coming in Rome in 2012 (8-3, 3.86 starting half of his 26 appearances).

    Braves also released third baseman Jordan Edgerton, who came out of the gates like a house afire: drafted in the ninth round in 2014, he had 24 RBIs in his first 16 professional games. He finished as an all-star with 43 RBIs and a .275 avearage for Danville. This year at Carolina he had only three RBIs over his final 17 games. He lost 30 points on his average from 2015 to 2016 and struck out 50 more times.

    Also of interest is that the Dodgers signed Andrew Thurman, released by the Braves in August after he failed to bounce back from the ill-fated Carolina bus crash.
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