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Thread: Is there anything good?

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    Is there anything good?

    I was thinking about Wren's tenure and the good and the bad and now I'm looking back at the Hart/Coppy era and was there ever a good?

    Looking at moves. Traded a fringe reliever for Philips, than flipped him for a fringe backup catcher.

    Traded Mallex Smith and Shae Simmons for Gohara and Burrows. This is a wait and see, could be a win, Gohara is talented, will he surpass Smith? Quite possibly.

    Kemp/Olivera (more to come later)

    Traded Tron for Aybar, Newcomb, Ellis and money. Basically this trade was Tron for Newcomb and Ellis. As Aybar was a net loss. Newcomb could be a good starter, he could be, Ellis was used as part of a deal (as well as some Kelly Johnson scraps in Gant and the underwhelming Luke Dykstra) to get us Garcia who we then traded for Ynoa. So it's Newcomb and 1/3 of Ynoa for Simmons. That's a really bad trade. Even if Newcomb becomes a good starter, even if that happens, We traded Simmons who went from a very good to great MLB player to posting an MVP level season last year. If he becomes that level of player more regularly, we got truly bent over the barrel and shown the 50 states.

    Bourn and Swisher for Johnson. While not a great trade. It wasn't bad. It was a lateral trade one bad contract for 2 bad contracts than ends sooner. As I recall the total dollar amounts were basically even. And none of the players played well for their teams.

    Olivera trade (more to come later)

    Traded J-Upton and Northcraft for Fried and the Petersons. To say Fried has struggled in the high minors in an understatement. Add in that we made the trade for a pitcher coming off TJ. Neither JP or DP were considered high value assets so this trade was Justin Upton for Max Fried. If we consider value from the PEtersons as a bonus, Dustin is 23 and has struggled mightily in the high minors. Jace is backup infielder. Little value there. So we traded Upton for Fried who could have value, it's possible based on his skillset, but based on results we traded Justin Upton for a backup Midfielder and 2 guys who may reach the majors for a cup of coffee or 2.

    Traded Heyward and Walden for Miller and Jenkins. Truth be told this was a great trade for the Braves. Miller had a career year. They then flipped Miller in a blockbuster trade for Blair, Inciarte, and Swanson. Like this trade and the subsequent trades were the bright spot for the organization post Wren. Blair is about as good as any of the other pitchers we've acquired, Incarte is an incredibly valuable asset, and Swanson should be a solid major league player who could become a very good to great player. And then Miller promptly came crashing back to earth. This was brilliant.

    Traded Gattis and Hoyt for Folty, Ruiz and Thurman. This is a trade that is neither good or bad. Gattis hasn't been amazing for Houston, Folty has been averagish for us. It looked pretty great on paper but Ruiz hasn't amounted to his prospect pedigree.

    I'm glossing over some moves of course.

    But let's talk about the 2 ton turd in th eroom. Olivera. So we received Olivera, Byrd, Paco Rodriguez, and a Competitive Balance pick. We gave up Alex Wood, Jose Peraza, Jim Johnson and Luis Avilan as well as clearing Arroyo money. Johnson and Avilan weren't stars. But semi valuable assets. They could have netted us someone like Paco, Byrd or the Competitive Balance pick. Peraza was part of the trade that got the Sox Todd Frazier. He was a pretty highly regarded prospect. Wood is a young lefty who when healthy is a very good starter. This was a total turd before it became clear that Olivera was both a bad player and a bit of a PiTA. We then traded him to the Padres for Kemp and cash. Kemp is costing us 25.5M over his whole deal When you factor in the savings of Olivera. What has that money gotten us so far? A slightly above average offensive player who's one of the worst defensively in baseball and plays LF. Which basically means we'd be saving millions to just cut Kemp at the rate we're going. So we are paying more money, just for the right of a net negative value.
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    A really mixed bag when it comes to the trades. A gentleman's C is what I would give Hartcoppy on the trades.

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    The good was getting rid of Coppy to allow the golden Wrens to take us to the promised land

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    Bacon? I never remember a time period where bacon has been bad, so I'm gonna go with that was still solid during the coppy era.
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