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Thread: BA top 10 Braves prospects

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southcack77 View Post
    It's a prejudice I should probably overcome, but I just can't take defensive WAR at face value. It feels off kilter.

    Kiermaier just doesn't feel like a 5 win player.
    Honestly, that probably has to do with the fact that you don't watch Kiermaier on a daily basis. So you just see his offensive numbers and a defensive highlight here and there. But Simmons and Andruw, for me, absolutely felt like they were worth what their defensive numbers suggested they were worth, and I would guess fans of other teams probably felt like dWAR overrated them. You can't truly appreciate a player's defensive value until you see them on a game-by-game, AB-by-AB basis.
    "Acuna is getting lucky, just like CJ did when he batted .321 and won a batting title. He is unlikely to get lucky at the MLB level over an extended period of time. He will settle in around .300-.320 just like everyone else, and when he does, he won't be within shouting distance of the 1.000 OPS he is posting in AAA...more like low .700s in 2018." -Enscheff 8/25/17

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