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Thread: Favorite PODCASTS

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    Favorite PODCASTS

    I thought there was another thread on this but couldn't find it.

    This one is very, very good, on the history of country music and folks who made it.

    Cocaine and Rhinestones

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    Critical Role

    D&D podcast starring a cast of voice actors. DM (Matt Mercer) is McCree from Overwatch, Leon Kennedy from newer Resident Evil Games. and current Voice Actor for Chrom. Other players include Laura Bailey who has done so much voice over work including Jaina Proudmoor from WOW, Kait Diaz from Gears 4, Mary Jane Watson from PS4 spiderman, and has been CHun-Li since 2008. and was Trunks in DBZ. Travis Willingham probably most famous for being Roy Mustang in Full Metal Alchemist, has also been Guile since 2008. Liam O'Brien who did Gollum in recent Shadow of War games, and tons of other roles. Ashley Johnson who was Chrissy Seaver in Growing Pains, Gretchen Grundler in Recess and lots of other roles. Sam Riegel who has done a number of kids TV shows. Taliesin Jaffe who's done lots of voice direction and other roles. And Matt's wife who's had some bit roles. It starts pretty rough because it was super low budget and it does get a lot better and sets some cool stories earlier on but it doesn't really start hitting it's stride til around episode 30.

    Nintendo Power

    Lots of stuff from Nintendo.

    And a few other D&D related ones.
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