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Thread: FG article on spin efficiency

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    FG article on spin efficiency

    Spin efficiency is pretty well understood by most fans above Facebook level now, but the Rays were teaching it at least as early as 2017 (probably much earlier than that):

    Kyle Snyder, Tampa Bay’s Triple-A pitching coach at the time, had been in his ear. Helping him make the transition from two-seam starter to four-seam reliever, Snyder explained that not all spin is created equal.

    “In Durham, he was always telling me that spin rate is one thing, but creating usable spin is more important,” Stanek said in our 2017 conversation. “If your spin isn’t on an axis where it’s going to maximize the carry on your fastball — if it’s off to the side at, say, one o’clock — then the ball is going to start going arm side more. It’s going to go horizontal instead of ride, and that’s not what you want.”

    This is the kind of thing that separates teams like the Rays, Dodgers and Astros from everyone else.

    They are so much smarter than teams like the Os, Royals, and Braves before AA same aboard that it's ridiculous. Who knows what new analysis these guys are using now, but hopefully it helps the Braves get some value wins over the dumber teams...assuming the Braves still aren't one of the dumb teams like they were 2-3 years ago.
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