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They’re a terrible organization, so it wouldn’t surprise me. They may have overtaken the Browns as the worst franchise in sports.
I’m a OU fan. The A’s saw his talent and thought he could turn into an elite baseball player. You could say it was a gamble taking him that high, but they obviously believed in him.

You can’t really doubt them for letting him play football, because that was his condition to signing. Also, really no one knew he was as good as he was.

You can say he’s too small. You can say it was the system. All I know is he is one of the most dynamic players I have ever seen. I would have NEVER thought I would type that before this year. I thought he was too small and would be pretty good, but not great.

He might fail in the NFL, but after the things I saw him do this year, I would never...and I mean never bet against him.