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  1. Hurricane shutters
  2. Well that didn't take long
  3. Egypt
  4. The movement I want to see in America.
  5. DUI Checkpoint Video
  6. Double standards? Teenager probably scarred for life while cop gets a pass?
  7. Jake Tapper vs Jay Carney on Prisident Killing US Citizens
  8. Oklahoma City Hospital Posts Surgery Prices Online, Creates Bidding War, Prices Drop
  9. Zimmerman Trial
  10. Uncle Tom
  11. The Discussion That Should Be Going On
  12. The Part-time Worker Society
  13. Wish I had Ever Thought of This
  14. Email Exhange between Snowden and former GOP Senator
  15. Can't Make This UP
  16. Guess who got arrested for being an ass in Columbia SC?
  17. Books.
  18. TSA Searches Valet Cars
  19. Being a bridesmaid sucks!!!
  20. Detroit??
  21. Weiner got caught again.
  22. Horrible train accident in Spain
  23. More on Accountability
  24. Real Black Person
  25. Legalize it
  26. DARPA Shows how to take control of a vehicle remotely
  27. What a joke of a network and a shameful performance by the anchor...
  28. Screening criminals - where do you stand?
  29. MSNBC is a piece of **** network
  30. CNBC is at it too
  31. More proof servers are scumbags
  32. Old America
  33. What is the board's take on this video?
  34. Voter ID Fun
  35. So I'm renting a house I own out....
  36. McCain is an idiot...
  37. First or one of the First Smart Things Obama Admin has Done
  38. Whats Your Flavor
  39. Family Gets Lost at Sea After Seeing Where God Would Lead Them
  40. Here's an ObamaCare provision I wasn't aware of...
  41. What the war on drugs & gun control have in common
  42. Feinstein wants to limit who can be a journalist
  43. Boots On the Ground Freedom
  44. The Mess in Egypt
  45. Real Talk, why can't i use the word "J.E.W"
  46. Hilary Clinton
  47. Michigan Unions Lose Right-to-Work Challenge
  48. SBC chose well in turning to Moore
  49. Sourced List of 252 Examples of Obama's...
  50. The Mess At Home
  51. The Mess at Home pt. 2
  52. DOTW: Is taxation theft?
  53. Bradley Manning Statement After Verdict
  54. Just got back from Maine....
  55. College Football is here!
  56. Even in germany you can see macabre TV-spots!
  57. Who is more prescient: The Onion or The Pythia?
  58. The mess at home part 3
  59. The mess in Syria
  60. "Is everyone blind?"
  61. Fast food workers go on strike
  62. The future is looking bright
  63. 4 Day Work Week
  64. Cornel West
  65. Speaking of Dumb Wars
  66. Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria
  67. Libertarians are the New Communists (I LOL'ed)
  68. We need a new political board contrarian...
  69. War is a Racket
  70. Rand Paul
  71. Obama's Speech
  72. Never forget....
  73. Amid Carceral Crises in US, UK, the Dutch Close Prisons Due to Lack of Detainees
  74. Putin's Letter to Americans
  75. Shooting at Washington Navy Yard
  76. DC's 'Living Wage' Bill Defeated
  77. The Comings and Goings of Phil Gingrey
  78. Why is the NFL Tax Exempt?
  79. Today I weep.
  80. Affordable Care Act
  81. Average American Family Pays $6K a Year in Subsidies to Big Business
  82. Kenya mall attack
  83. Gotta Get Me An Obama Tree!
  84. An Apology from the Millenials
  85. This got too depressing to read.
  86. Govt. Shutdown
  87. Tea Party 2013
  88. Shooting on Capitol Hill
  89. Introducing the next President of The United States
  90. Good News
  91. What's a Trillion Among Friends?
  92. What Does A Moderate Republican/Conservative Stand For?
  93. A question no one has ever answered for me
  94. Adrian Peterson's son
  95. Are Tea Party Republians Really as Dumb as They Act?
  96. Malala Yousafzai tells Obama drones are 'fueling terrorism'
  97. This is where our hard earned money goes.
  98. This is messed up
  99. The House
  100. CNN gettin paid
  101. Redskins -Indians-Braves
  102. Bad day of all bad days...
  103. Just when you think people couldn't get any worse......
  104. Wash Times reporter had her home searched and documents seized.
  105. CNN Anchor: Obama’s People Will “Threaten Your Job” If You Question Them
  106. Debt
  107. Tiananmen Square attack
  108. How much do conservatives hate POTUS?
  109. Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito Texts
  110. Don't Clinch Your Buttocks During a Traffic Stop
  111. 2013 Elections
  112. Rob Ford should be an American.
  113. Cops Thread
  114. Scandals
  115. Letter from former Fed official to America: "I'm sorry"
  116. Distracted?
  117. Please tell me these folks were in on it...
  118. I Know -I Know
  119. ****ed up story of the day
  120. Request prayers for my town that got hit had by an F3 tornado
  121. Didn't Want This to Get Lost in the Hubbub of the Other Threads
  122. Socialist Seattle Pol Off Deep End
  123. Iran
  124. Cheating Students More Likely To Want Gov't Job
  125. Who is Mark Halperin?
  126. Birth Control
  127. Wal-Mart
  128. NSA Watches People Watch Porn
  129. Pope Francis rails against income inequality, and excesses in capitalism.
  130. Happy Thanksgiving to All
  131. NYC Sending Out Gun Confiscations Notices
  132. If You Shop on Thanksgiving, You Are Part of the Problem...
  133. Libertarians and consenting cannibalism
  134. RIP Paul Walker?
  135. The Costco Effect
  136. Topless Pro-Abortion Women Sexually Harass Men Protecting Church
  137. From the Net Today
  138. Christian Kenyans burn suspected witches alive
  139. Nelson Mandela Has Died
  140. Single Payer HC
  141. LOL at the Fast Food Strike
  142. Having Your Individual Cake, And Eating Your Nation-State Cake Too
  143. CBO: Top 40% paid 106% of income taxes...
  144. Texas rich kid who killed 4 in drunken car crash spared jail...
  145. 10 Healthiest/Unhealthiest States
  146. I Found Sturg
  147. Another School Shooting
  148. mystery solved about the sign language guy at Mandela's memorial
  149. Barack at Mandela's memorial....
  150. Geographic Tax
  151. The Government is so Dumb
  152. I need to vent on this Duck Dynasty "Controversy".
  153. Real Problems
  154. Positive Stories that Give Hope for 'Murica Thread
  155. Fed Judge strikes down Utah's Same-Sex Marriage Ban
  156. Which state would win a war between all 50?
  157. Merry Christmas to all
  158. Happy Boxing day!
  159. Snap vs Banks...
  160. Four big technology legal cases in 2014
  161. Black Friday vs Jan 1st.....
  162. Kim Jong Un's. Uncle
  163. Education Thread
  164. Hey Guys
  165. Can't wait to see how this plays out...
  166. Chris Christie
  167. Mr Ck telling telling it like it is....
  168. Only 74K jobs added in December.
  169. Father gets 6 months in jail for overpaying child support
  170. YELP and the First Amendment
  171. David Simon: 'There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show'
  172. Appeal Judge Strikes Down Net Nuetrality
  173. No discussion on the theater shooting?
  174. "It’s health-care providers--not insurers--who have too much power in the US system."
  175. New Hampshire takes first steps to legalization.
  176. US Drops Out of Top 10 Economically Freest Countries
  177. NSA Be All Up in Them Texts
  178. Overstock Now Accepting Bitcoin
  179. GOP Candidate calls for Obama to be hanged. This brave patriot is over impeachment.
  180. Rob Ford
  181. Ukraine
  182. Z, Is this right?
  183. Teaching Creationism in Public Schools
  184. NSA/hypocrites
  185. Insurance Companies/Hospitals + government - Big Scam
  186. School Shootings
  187. I-85 not too long ago
  188. No one talking about My RA?
  189. Minimum Wage
  190. Chick-fil-A Giving Free Food to Stranded Motorists
  191. wasn't sure which board to put these on, but pics from atlanta the past 2 days..
  192. Equal pay for Equal Work
  193. Coca Cola backlash after Superbowl AD
  194. The affluence gap widens
  195. How is he not dead?
  196. NJ gets screwed by Super Bowl.
  197. CBO - ObamaCare may cut 2.5 million jobs
  198. Ken Ham believes in Dragons...
  199. Why Rand Paul can't be taken seriously...
  200. Introducing the next President of The United States...
  201. Positive stories that give hope for 'Murica Part II...
  202. Trader Joes in a black neighborhood...
  203. I'm baffled by this
  204. So True (shout out to my fellow millenials)
  205. You Can't Make a Better Headline
  206. I regret my vote
  207. SC Policy Requiring Fees and Permit to Feed Homeless Begins
  208. So, this has been happening....
  209. FCC to Monitor News Stations
  210. FCC to Monitor News Stations?
  211. Taxes
  212. Bachmanmania!
  213. NIMBY At it's finest
  214. Religious Right in Arizona Cheer bill that allows them to not act like Jesus would...
  215. Fracking...
  216. The petering out of "new atheism" or how Dawkins is so yesterday
  217. Hey remember when...
  218. Ban Knives
  219. Those liberals are at it again!
  220. US Debt Ceiling Visualized in $100 Bills.....
  221. Sarah Palin Smack Down Spectacular
  222. Death Panel denies giving drug that could save a kids life
  223. Missing plane
  224. Obama's Approval Rating Hits New Low
  225. #McConnelling
  226. ICANN
  227. Political Conspiracy Theories.
  228. What your state sucks at the most....
  229. So, I just got caught up on Cosmos...
  230. Don't know what my reaction should be
  231. Contraception
  232. Into the Fire of Molech
  233. Cutting pork spending.
  234. False Equivalence
  235. Wow Tennessee
  236. I don't know where to put these.
  237. College Sports Ruined
  238. This story is too good.
  239. Kobe Bryant has balls......
  240. Another example of what's wrong with the Government.
  241. The Bitter Tears of the American Chirstian Supermajority.....
  242. US Stock market "Rigged"
  243. Glenn Beck
  244. U.S. Priorities....
  245. #invadetitan
  246. GM
  247. The Great State of Mississippi
  248. This is getting ridiculous
  249. When will the unions learn?
  250. A savage beating in Detroit.