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Thread: MLB Awards Discussion

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    MLB Awards Discussion

    This is where you can make predictions, and more. For me I'm going with who should win awards.


    MVP - Mike Trout
    CY - King Felix (though Corey Kluber has an impeccably strong case)
    ROY - Jose Abreu
    MOY - Buck Showalter

    GG (don't do pitching)
    C - Salvador Perez
    1B - Teixeira
    2B - Pedroia (can't go wrong with him, Kinsler or Zobrist though, all amazing defenders)
    3B - Donaldson
    SS - Hardy
    OF - Leonys Martin, Adam Jones, Desmond Jennings

    C - Yan Gomes
    1B - Jose Abreu
    2B - Cano (slight edge over Altuve)
    3B - Beltre
    SS - Jose Reyes (AL Shortstops sucked at hitting)
    OF - Trout, Bautista, Brantley
    DH - V-Mart

    MVP - Cutch
    CY - Kershaw (strong case for MVP though)
    ROY - Jacob DeGrom (he and Hamillton are the only worthy ones)
    MOY - Bochy

    C - LuCroy (wins it over Yadier cause of PT)
    1B - Rizzo
    2B - Utley
    3B - Rendon
    SS - Tron
    OF - Hamilton, Heyward, Lagares

    C - LuCroy
    1B - Rizzo
    2B - Walker
    3B - Harrison
    SS - HanRam
    OF - Cutch, Stanton, Puig
    P - Bumgarner - This is actually a runaway. Bumgarner was a good hitter on the year, .258/.286/.470 Even if it was stupid luck and a once in a lifetime power spike (he hit 4 homers)

    As far as who will win, I think some guys like Cutch and Puig will win the GG cause they're fast and they can hit. Even if they're subpar defenders. I just hope Jason doesn't get robbed of the award cause he earned it.
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    MVP- Trout
    CY- Felix
    ROY- Buck
    MOY- Showalter


    MVP- Kershaw
    CY- Kershaw
    ROY- DeGrom
    MOY- Hurdle

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    Bumgarner had more homers than Mauer or close to it?

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